Monday, February 2, 2015

The wait is almost over....

just a few more weeks and these babes can come home to YOUR BABE! 

Who's excited?! 

Available the last week in February!! 

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Trolley Square: Utah's Little Gem

You guys, I've been back in Utah for almost a year now. I was in California for 4 years before that. I went to Trolley Square a couple of weeks ago.. and have been dreaming about it ever since. 
It has the coziest.. yet, funky feel about it. Unique stores, gorgeous architecture.. Pottery Barn and LuluLemon... need I say more? Those two stores are kind of what I think heaven will be like.. lol! 
I got THEE CUTEST gold jacket from SPARK... so ridiculously excited to wear it for my husbands Christmas Party this Friday! 

I snagged a couple of these little numbers the other night while at Trolley Square.. and I'm pretty sure I have worn them both twice this week.. good thing my kids don't care if I wear the exact same shirt 5 days in one week! You won't blame me once you try 'em! 

 .....AND then I died and went to pottery barn kids NURSERY HEAVEN!! 
I swear I dreamed this nursery up in my mind, and Pottery Barn copied me! 
Absolute perfection! 
Every last detail need to come home with momma! 
(could you tell the MR that please?) 

Who else bribes there kids with a "surprise" if they are good while you are gone?!  I usually am scrabbling to find some treat or dollar store toy they will throw away before even opening it.. but not this time! I was wonder woman to my kids when I came home with these flash cards from Pottery Barn Kids!  They are so dang cute.. and durable! I've been obsessed with collecting "learning toys" ever since London started preschool... she loves them! (almost as much as I do) :)..

 My sister is coming in town this week and I've been wanting to take her to some fun places to shop because she still lives in Idaho (which I LOVE.. but the shopping there is sub par to say the very least!).... and I know exactly where I'll be taking her!

Treat yourself to this little nugget if you have never been... I just can't get over how much fun it be surrounded by awesome, unique shops... and gorgeous scenery all at once!

Now... back to last minute Christmas Shopping online... Holy nightmare you guys, I'm SUCH a procrastinator!! AHHHHH.. send ideas my way!! I'm running out of time!!

CHRISTMAS.NEXT.WEEK! What in the world?!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Shawl in love!

I've Shawl'n in love with shawls over the last few winters.. and this one is no exception! 

Layering weather allows me to go buck wild with my pattern mixing.. which makes my life just a lil more complete.  

(Sweater: Nest Boutique, Watch: Arvo, Jeans: Gap, Plaid shirt: Gap, Boots: Aldo)

Sweater Shawl from NEST BOUTIQUE 
or if you're a utah local.. go treat yourself to some goods, you'll thank me later!  
(11259 Kestrel Rise RoadSouth Jordan, Utah 84095)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ivory Kate

This girl. 
Not enough patience in the world for this girl and her craziness… 
and not enough words to describe how much I love her and her spunk. 

She's going to take the world by storm I tell you. 

I named my shop after her.. because there is no one more determined than this tiny soul.. so I thought those vibes would translate into a successful business. 

Ivory Kate 

Friday, April 18, 2014



Feel like you are vacation without having to leave home! 
Enter with the link below for a chance to be one of ***5*** winners!! 

Instagram is free to sign up.. so no excuses my good friends! Get 'er done! :)  
Good Luck!! and BRING ON SUMMER, right?!?! 
(3 snow cone machines, a Swinging Lounge Chair, Gigantic Jenga Lawn Game)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Alright my friends!! Let's do this thang! 

Ivorykate (@ivoryk) is almost to 10k followers on IG, to celebrate… I'm giving away 10 wire wraps OR $100 credit to IK!! 
PLUSSSSSS….. once we reach 10k followers all (original) 
wire wraps will be on sale for $10!! 
Say what?! Best sale we've ever had!! 

Go to @ivoryk on Instagram for full details on how to enter, or just repost this on your blog, pinterest, facebook.. any social media and then come and let me know where you posted it :)… EASY PEASY!! 

No matter what… its a win win! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

How to ROCK the Grab Bag Outfit

 "I just can't pull it off!"

Have those words ever come out of your mouth?! 


Have the confidence you SHOULD HAVE and DESERVE TO HAVE! 

It's one thing if you don't want to wear something.. its another if you want to and don't think you "can pull it off"... 

I'm here as your personal cheerleader! ROCK WHAT YOU WANT TO ROCK, you are your own fashion police!  

My article on More Grab Bag Outfit Ideas can be found HERE.

Business with the jacket, funky casual with the tshirt, fancy nancy with the skirt. 
(Blazer: Limited, Tshirt: Zara, Skirt: Shabbyapple, Shoes: Nordstrom)

Cardigan: Limited, Polka Dot Pants: Hollister, Mint Button up: TJ Maxx, Leather cuff:, glasses: Ray Ban

And if you don't care about fashion... or just don't like the grab bag idea.. Here's a little something that everyone can relate to...

"Smile, its the prettiest thing you can wear."
-Unknown author